Journey to our Higher Self

When life gets ‘difficult’ it’s a message to change our approach.

This often means going within and clearing energies from there which are manifesting our difficulties.

Contrary to common belief this kind of clearing is easier than we think. It requires forging and constantly renewing our relationship with the divine part of our self which ‘knows’ everything about us and our journey.

Rather like a coconut or tin-can telephone, a message is only received when the string in-between is taut. Through this taut string of connection we begin to be taught how to read and navigate the unique landscape of our journey.

It is about acknowledging where our power truly comes from and learning to hold hands with a supremely intelligent presence that would never let us down.

Ironically our biggest obstacles turn out to be the things we hold onto which in our mind promise some kind of liberation. These beliefs act as insulators and as long as we refuse to let them go, they keep us isolated from the ultimate source of our freedom.

The subtle inner shift of perspective required involves on the one hand abandoning all of what we ‘know’. On the other hand it requires us to become open, trusting and willing to take on the role of an instrument. So like a flute we allow the pure breath of life to guide us in every moment as it flows through us unadulterated making sweet music. Cleanly flowing through our mind, through our words and through our actions.

If we feel any inner uneasiness interfering with this flow of pure energy, that is an indicator of an impure attachment that needs to be released.

So we humbly ask our divine guide to facilitate this release. As we see this trapped energy leaving us, the value and intelligence of our divine guide is acknowledged with both gratitude and humility.

A new relationship is born as we are carried with loving grace, surrendering to a living truth that expresses itself uniquely from moment to moment.