My education began in science and I studied engineering in London University after which I embarked on a journey to explore and understand the power of healing. My interest in healing began in my late twenties when I trained in bodywork therapies including Shiatsu. Deepening my practise of meditation and spiritual understanding over 30 years, I trained with Shiek Nazim, a wise Sufi master as well as Dadi Janki from the Brahma Kumaris, a highly accomplished meditator and spiritual leader.
Around 2012, I healed myself of chronic migraine attacks and sleep apnoea while training in Bio Energy healing and later qualifying as a practitioner and instructor of Quantum Touch healing in 2014.

While I was discovering a new understanding of the power to heal that lies within all of us, I further explored this art in Peru. Over the next three years I trained with experienced Peruvian shamans learning to use new forms of energy release by forging a clear connection with Divine Guides. At this point, I had a strong realisation that I was destined to be a healer and channel for Divine Guides. Since then I have been involved in freeing many people from emotional trauma and a variety of health conditions.

I currently live in Muswell Hill, London, UK.



“Paul has assisted me and members of my family with our self healing. The most dramatic healing was for a toothache of mine. It started one afternoon and got more and more painful as the day wore on. I couldn’t sleep that night even after several doses of paracetamol. Neurofen was barely effective. It was a weekend and I couldn’t get a dental appointment till Monday. In desperation I sent Paul a message. He called me soon after and over a period of about fifteen minutes my pain subsided from say 9/10 to 1/10. Subsequently my dentist examined me and said that either it would be root canal job or having the tooth out. So far I’ve had neither. I keep my teeth and gums clean with regular flossing, especially the affected tooth, but until now, I’ve experienced no pain nor had any treatment.”
— Sean M, UK

“My lower left leg has always been weak from a very serious motorcycle injury. When I broke it again, this time just above the ankle, I was in tremendous pain. Concerned that it would take a long time to heal because of reduced blood supply to the bottom of the leg as well as my foot, I turned to Paul for help to manage the pain, reduce the swelling and heal the fracture. Paul worked on me from the U.K. where we would speak by phone and he would guide me to use my mind to concentrate on sending blood to the fracture, to assist the healing process. Each time my pain reduced virtually instantly and the fracture itself healed in double quick time. Thanks Paul.”
— Feisal, Sri Lanka

“Paul radiates pure love and made me feel very comfortable and important. He held space and helped me to let go of feelings I did not even realise I had until they came to the surface during our session. I feel much better now and so grateful.”
— Tabea, UK

“I first met Paul when starting out on what I’d call my inner journey. Paul was there to help me in my awakening and to show me how to assimilate this awareness into my everyday life and my interactions with others. I’m now fortunate and proud to be able to call this amazingly gifted, generous, and loving soul my friend from whom I continue to gain many treasures. Thank you Paul for everything! You have a truly natural way of serving others. ”
— Neil R, UK


“A friend of mine gave me Paul’s contact number. Told me he was, ‘The real deal’ when it came to healing. I was suffering from constant chronic migraine attacks. I was skeptical but called Paul during an attack and followed his guidance. Paul did a 2 hour healing session over the phone and my migraine cleared. I have not suffered from migraine ever since. Paul is a beautiful, gentle soul and a gifted healer. He is now one of my good friends and most definitely ‘The real deal’.”
— Janine, UK

“Paul has really come into his own as a healer - having drawn from years of personal experience in meditation and many other disciplines - he has the ability and the right energy to hold you until you are able to hold yourself. He has the uncanny ability to tap into the mind body connection and so is able to cure ailments that are merely covered up by conventional medicine such as painkillers. I welcome his energy in my house and always enjoy his warmth, light, wisdom and guidance.”
— Andy C, UK

“I was used to living in constant pain in one of my hips, neck and one of my knees. After some distance healing sessions from Paul, I was free of pain and found enjoyment for living. I am now convinced that healing works, brings relief and improves quality of life.”
— Tissa, Germany

“Paul is a real, true healer, empath and guide, helping people to help themselves get better. Through the healing, I was guided to regain my physical, mental and spiritual health. Paul, keep up the amazing work!”
— Simon R, Portugal

“Through Paul’s session I experienced a healing based on a useful method for self healing which I still employ on a regular basis... it was both an educational and fulfilling experience.”
— Giordano, Italy