Where and how do In-Person healing treatments take place?

In-Person healing treatments take place in Muswell Hill, N10, London, UK. For In-Person treatments, the person remains fully clothed with hands-on healing used when appropriate for affected areas.

Are Distance healing treatments as effective as In-Person healing treatments?

Distance healing treatments should not be underestimated and can be as effective as in-person treatments. A Distance healing treatment usually takes place over the phone, WhatsApp, etc. (I discourage video calls as they can be a distraction). One of the advantages of Distance healing treatments is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and you can be lying down during the treatment and you can continue resting after the treatment. In addition this can assist your healing and saves you from the stress, expense and the inconvenience of traveling.

How do healing treatments work?

As a healing guide with a lot of experience in my own self-healing, I use intuitive skills to guide others in real time to release what stands in the way of their health and well-being. Everyone has an innate healing system and I will show you how to use it. You will experience increasing lightness as you discover the art of letting go of the inner obstacles that stand between you and a healthier state of physical and emotional well-being that you want to experience.

Our healed self is manifested as soon as we release energy patterns from within ourselves. You will somehow naturally begin to trust in this process and will feel the way opening up for you. The aim is to bring you to back to a state of health, well-being, and purpose.

Can a healing treatment reduce my level of pain?


Pain is a messenger telling us to take some form of action to change ourselves in such a way that the pain begins to disappear. This is apparent sometimes when painkillers can end up having little or no effect.

During a deep healing treatment it is often the case that the sensation of pain diminishes rapidly as inner obstacles to healing are released, dissolved or let go.

I have personally cleared my own chronic migraine condition and through a Distance treatment guided a client to do the same for herself in one healing treatment. Several years later and we are still both free of migraine attacks. The same has been true for toothache where a few clients with severe toothache were free of pain in a single healing treatment. My dentist explained to me that sometimes toothache can require no dental intervention and that for example the symptoms can instead be related to neuralgia. Neuralgia and many neurological issues can be rapidly relieved through healing treatments.

What else can healing treatments do for you?

A healing session often clears away inner limitations, allowing us to see new possibilities and gain a renewed optimism for the future.

Although our healing usually takes place naturally, there are ways we can help ourselves heal faster and more efficiently. When we are able to dissolve any inner fears, beliefs or ideas that interfere with the natural healing intelligence that repairs us, we clear the way for healing to take place.

How to book a healing treatment

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